Wise Disk Cleaner 9.56 Build 678

Wise Disk Cleaner is the utility Disk Cleaner cleanup and defragmenter help of the browser junk, trash and remove Windows useless files and defragment your hard disk

Wise Disk Cleaner also cleans temporary files, history, cookies and other forms of history, auto complete Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. And remove the junk files in Windows, such as the Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files. Software tools free cleanup files than most similar products and including a regime of "Slim down" to get rid of a lot of objects not related including wallpapers and files More Windows you never have to use. A disk defragmentation feature is also included. Cleaning your drive with Wise Disk Cleaner and your computer will run faster.
Wise Disk Cleaner tool-friendly, fast and easy to use - application developed to free up disk space by deleting junk files that are no longer used by any software on your system. Even experienced users are still weak and easily remove junk files with hard nay.Dia tools littered with unnecessary junk files, hard disk space occupied valuable, and potentially slowing down the computing power, these as temporary files that applications should delete when no longer needed, and various log files, etc.
Wise Disk Cleaner can identify more than 50 types of junk files, and you can customize the list. The program only deletes the files you require. You can choose to have the files permanently deleted, or moved to the Recycle Bin. Automatic cleaning program, or you can do it by hand. You will be amazed at how much hard disk space gain for you. The Professional Edition provides many advanced options. It lets you identify more junk files and old files. And for your safety, you can move these files to a designated folder, allowing you to restore them if necessary.
Have you ever been bothered by a large number of temporary files and junk files are created in your daily computer? Have you ever worried that these files will accumulate, taking up disk space and then slow down your computer? Now you do not have to ever worry about it anymore! Wise Disk Cleaner can help you solve all these problems. This is the software program can delete junk files and temporary files to add your hard disk space. The most important thing is the cleaning tool free plate can run in almost all Windows operating systems 
With a fast scan algorithm.
+ Option to select any drive or just a click to scan all. 
+ Command line support. 
+ Ability to schedule timer effectively.
+ Very easy to use for novice users and professional alike. 
+ Find and clean up all junk files (including temporary files, IE history and other junk files) in your PC 
+ free technical support for life.