The "so deep" photo shoot on the iPhone is not well known

The iFans usually do not have to worry too much about the picture of the Iphone because the camera has an automatic image capture mode and image quality is very good. However, Apple recently instructed users how to take photos to get the best shots.

It may be that any Smartphone user in general or Android user in particular is jealous of Apple's iPhone in terms of image quality as well as the auto-shot mode that comes with it.
Secretly take pictures
Recently, to help users get better pictures, better quality Apple has created a new website with a lot of tips and tricks to take better pictures with the iPhone.
Maybe the iPhone user or the Ifan is no stranger to the various shooting modes as well as video recording in the camera application of the machine. However, not everyone knows how to use HDR or adjust the exposure through the slider available during shooting or video recording. Also, many people find it difficult to know when to use the flash and when not.
When you are in such a place, look to the HDR capture feature so that the image is balanced between the highlights and the dark areas better. If you find that the image quality is not up to you, then you can use the EV slider to adjust the light according to your wishes.
This shot allows the photographer to capture tall buildings or photos related to the landscape. The trick to taking such photos is to switch to Panels and rotate your iPhone.
The photo was taken backwards by Iphone Camera.
Surely everyone wants a beautiful backdrop. Apple has instructed users to capture the following:
Place the object in front of the sun or where there is a strong light source, then tap on the object and hold when the subject is locked. Then we just adjust the light through the slider to your liking and press the capture.
Take pictures during video recording.
Many people will wonder how to capture a video while still being able to take a picture. Actually not too hard to take snapshots of such a moment, you press the familiar white button usually used to take pictures just below the video capture button, iPhone will automatically capture that moment. It's simple, right?
Photographs under the dim light of street lights.
We would have wanted to capture the pictures while going out in the evening under a dim light. To take such photos, first turn off the flash then keep the focus focus and press and hold until the camera informs that focus is locked. The rest is that you just adjust the light with the manual bar and capture.