Microsoft to upgrade Windows Phone Lumia software in Indonesia

Denim updates Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 start Microsoft launched in Europe and China, additional features

Denim updates Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 start Microsoft launched in Europe and China, additional features, improved camera for many older models.
Denim is the latest software update for Windows Phone-based operating system Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft introduced since mid-December September but beginners launched.  IndonesiaChina and Europe is the first market to receive this update. However, the market will have to wait until January to receive updates.
Not only for the new model recently as 930, 830, Lumia Denim also support Windows Phone Lumia devices from the previous year older or cheap, as Lumia 520, 525, 630 ... update This will improve performance for older Lumia models, improve software quality camera with new cameras, improved screen and wait Glance Screen "virtual assistant" Cortana.
The change of Lumia Denim on all models Lumia:
Cortana: upgrading American region, with Beta in the UK and China, Alpha for Australia, Canada and India. Indonesia
Mode homescreen folders in the Start Screen.
Apps Corner - similar to children's mode - separate and protect your home screen with specific options from the user.
Refining the SMS section
Set up new VPN
Faster Internet Explorer browser
The change of Lumia Lumia Denim on some form:
Camera Lumia better and faster
Photograph faster (not available on the Lumia 1020, 920 and 925)
Moment Capture supports 4K video capture speed 24 frames / sec (depending on the sensor, which the model is limited to 1080p).
Rich Capture - Auto HDR and Dynamic Flash.
Image processing for better quality.
"Hey Cortana" - activated by voice applications (Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520).
Improved display support Glance Screen Weather Bing, Bing Health and Fitness.
Lumia updates Microsoft released Denim still form and may OTA updates on your phone through the network connection.