How to use Facebook Messenger on the latest Opera

Opera recently surprised users by allowing the use of Facebook Messenger on Opera directly, which is convenient for Facebook users as well as regular Facebook Messenger.

Opera constantly updates new features for its browser to optimize and entice Opera users more. One of the new features highlighted in this new version is the use of Facebook Messenger on Opera directly, you will not need to install Messenger chat or use the web version as before.

Facebook Messenger on Opera

In addition, Opera users are known to have a browser that supports many other features such as anonymous surfing on Opera, or changes to DNS addresses on Opera, and a host of other features. Other such as anonymous surfing on Opera has made the brand for this browser. Back to our main topic, let us to learn about using Facebook Messenger on Opera.

Step 1: To be able to use Messenger chat on Opera sure you must use Opera 44 or above, but best download the latest version Opera at newsoftwarelab offline.
Step 2: As soon as the download and installation complete Opera you will see in the left corner of the screen will see the icon Facebook Messenger and you can click on it to start Facebook Messenger immediately.
Step 3: Facebook Messenger interface takes up part of the screen of Opera browser, you click on Get Started to start using Facebook Messenger on Opera.
Step 4: The next job is to sign up for Facebook Messenger as you would a web or mobile version.
Step 5: When you login to Facebook Messenger, you will be able to chat with all the features as on Facebook Messenger web version or mobile version.
Step 6: Also on Opera allows users to drag and drop Facebook Messenger interface comfortably, you can enlarge or narrow it depending on the purpose of your friend.
Here newsoftwarelab has been using Facebook Messenger on Opera, which provides instant access to Facebook Messenger, directly on Opera. There are also many other features on Opera that you can explore using this browser. For example, you can install the Chrome extension on Opera and vice versa, which is a great feature of Opera, as any Chrome extension you can use on Opera and how to install it. Useful Chrome on Opera is quite simple.
And for those who are new to the Opera browser can not be overlooked Opera shortcuts to be able to use this browser easier. Refer to our article introducing Opera shortcuts, use Opera shortcuts to master the shortcomings of the implementation of Opera.