How to prevent others from installing additional software on your computer

Windows allows unauthorized software installation to be blocked, giving you peace of mind before transferring your computer to someone else for use.

If you grant the right to install software to the computer for all other members, there are many security risks involved. Just a malicious program that infiltrates a computer network can cause a lot of damage done by hackers such as file encryption, stealing confidential data, etc. For example, if someone installs a program on a machine This includes hidden data theft programs, which can reveal keystrokes, steal passwords, and more confidential data.
So stopping software installation behavior in the system before handing over to someone else is really necessary to protect you from these issues. The article below will guide you to quickly disable the installation of Windows through a few simple steps.
- Open the Run dialog by pressing the Windows + R key combination, typing gpedit.msc and selecting OK.
- After the Local Group Policy Editor window appears, open the Administrative Templates folder under Computer Configuration in the left column.
- Now expand the Windows Components folder and click on the Windows Installer folder.
- Double-click Disable Windows Installer from the right pane and wait a few seconds.
- Once the Disable Windows Installer window opens, click Enabled and select Always below to block the Windows Installer before clicking OK to confirm. Basically, this will block software installation behavior based on Windows Installer.