Guide to creating your own cloud

If you are not satisfied with the limited free cloud storage service, you can create your own dedicated service with dedicated tools.

At present, cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box ... allow users to use limited storage space without paying fees. Therefore, you should only back up important data on these services if you do not want to receive the message "run out of storage space".
You need a cloud storage service with up to a few gigabytes of storage, even a few TB, and the ability to easily upgrade the storage capacity may require a software that " human "third party to do this.
There are a lot of software to help you build your own cloud, you can search for "personal cloud tools" on Google or Bing. Here, the article will suggest the 8 most useful tools and basic notes during installation, setup and use.
Note, the following tools use the storage space on the server computer to make cloud storage for other clients access and use. You need to prepare a Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer to be the host for your shared cloud data.
1. Resilio
This add-on (formerly known as, known as Bittorrent Sync, is capable of securely exchanging large amounts of data between computers safely and creating a private cloud. (personal cloud) with some simple settings. Resilio is available for all platforms, from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire.
Unlimited cloud storage with Resilio software.
During the installation of Resilio, you need to check before Add an exception for Resilio Sync in Windows Firewall so that the firewall of the system does not block this software. In addition, to ensure Resilio is running smoothly and consistently, you should also allow software to launch at Windows startup and add Resilio Sync to Windows Service.
To use Resilio effectively, you should install the Resilio application on mobile devices and computers that want to access stored data.
The settings for the folder you want to share on the cloud server.
For "cloud server" (computer containing data), you need to set the folder you want to share to be accessible from other devices by going to Add Folder> select the folder you want to share> OK is done. Note, in the Share interface you set the management level to be Read Only or Read to Write for the purpose. In addition, to ensure the security, you need to click on the option "New peers I invite must be approved by me", select the value of the link share as short as possible (such as 1 day) and click Link mode is only accessible once (Link can be used 1 time).
Set Resilio at installation.
You can email or copy the link address of the folder to share and send to the recipient. If you want to access cloud data from your mobile device, copy the key provided on the Key tag or scan the QR code on the QR Code.
2. pCloud
Previously, Pclouds ( was an effective cloud storage solution for users of iOS and Mac OS X devices. The good news for you is that pCloud now supports all devices, from Windows, OS X to iOS and Android. How to use pCloud is quite simple, just download the application to your computer, phone or tablet and register / login your account and start using the features of this utility.
Install and use Resilio on mobile devices to get the most out of features.
3. OwnCloud
OwnCloud ( is a free, open source software for you to create a completely replacement cloud storage service for Dropbox or other paid services. OwnCloud also supports many additional features such as calendars, reminders, document editing ...
OwnCloud now supports all platforms from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android. Users can refer to how to install OwnCloud cloud server at Then, from other clients, you access the server through an application developed by OwnCloud or a third-party application.
OwnCloud is suitable for individual users and small offices.
4. Seafile
Seafile ( is another free open source alternative for you to sync online work group data. This personal cloud services utility is relatively easy to use. You can visit to set up cloud servers and use other devices to access this cloud. Currently, Seafile supports access from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android. Server creation software supports Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi
5. Cozy
Like OwnCloud, Cozy ( also helps you create servers and share data with cloud computing technology through a web-based application. According to information on the Cozy home page, this service allows you to create a professional personal server based on Google App Engine. Especially, Cozy has versions for Virtualbox virtual machines, Raspberry Pi, OpenVZ, Cubieboard2 and Cubietruck.
A lot of functions are provided by Cozy.
Cozy also allows users to create an online office with Calendar tools, Contacts, Emails, , blogging, image management, map view ...
6. AeroFS
AeroFS ( is an open source application that helps you to work effectively with many features. You can use this utility to create your own cloud storage service. Currently the free version supports 3 users and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.
The steps for using AeroFS are as follows:
- You first visit and sign up for an account.
- Authenticate and complete registration with the declared email address. This step is important, and you should not impersonate a fake email so the developer will not be able to send the activation message, which means you will not be able to complete the registration and use the service.
- Download, install and set up the AeroFS Server as a virtual machine.
- Download and install the AeroFS application to clients and start sharing data back and forth.
7. SparkleShare
Similar to the above utilities, SparkleShare ( also allows you to share data stored on the server. All data is synchronized and updated continuously. This utility also allows users to effectively manage data formats such as text, images; Allows track changes and restores back to the previous version with the History function. In particular, all data is secured with its own encryption algorithm. However, this tool is still a downside is that will back up the entire computer should consume more storage space.
SparkleShare is compatible with 3 main platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
8. git-annex
Git-annex ( is a developer of server software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. With intuitive basic management interface, Git-annex will be suitable for ordinary users. Besides, this utility also has advanced setup options with command line which will be more suitable for advanced users.