Experience the Android application on a Windows PC

There are many ways to help you run Android applications easily on your Windows computer. These are 4 interesting tools.

Problems running on other platforms, including Windows are always "skewers" interest. Unlike mobile platforms such as iOS, Windows Phone or formerly BlackBerry OS, running Android applications or even operating the Android operating system on a Windows or MacOS computer is easy. Although Microsoft or Apple does not have a built-in feature or tool on their operating system, there are plenty of software programs available to install and run Android applications on your computer.
Best Utilities: Remix OS
Customized based on the Android operating system, the current Remix OS is considered to be the best choice for you to run Android applications on your PC. Unlike the Android version for smartphones or tablets, Remix OS has redesigned the entire interface so that users can use this operating system such as Windows or Mac OS with full taskbar, status bar, Start Menu as Windows, desktop space and most multitasking functions do not limit the number of application windows.
Like the original Android, Remix OS also comes with Google tools like Google Drive, Gmail, Chrome ... Users can install more apps from the Google Play Store as they do on Android smartphones. Of course, to create this app store, you must create and sign in to a Google Account.
Interface uses Remix OS with full Start Menu, bar tasbar ... like Windows.
On stability, it can be said Remix OS is the customized version of Android received the most positive feedback ever. Compatibility with each computer hardware configuration is also flexible. In addition to supporting efficient workflow thanks to the combination of office applications downloaded from the Play Store and powerful multitasking functionality, Remix OS is also rated as "hybrid Android operating system" very responsive. good gaming.
Need to talk more about the flexibility of the installation of Remix OS. This operating system allows you to run on Windows (or macOS) through a virtual machine such as Virtual Box or VMWare. Besides, you can also install Remix OS on your computer to run in parallel with Windows (Dual Boot) or run as a standalone operating system.
Remix OS supports a lot of devices.
A small note when you install the Remix OS on the PC is to disable the Secure Boot option and use the arrow keys to navigate to the Remix menu in the Windows Boot menu (if installed in parallel Remix OS and Windows).
The latest version of the Remix OS is based on the Android Marshmallow (available at http://www.jide.com/remixos-for-pc), with a minimum configuration requirement to run a dual-core 2 GHz processor. 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB of free hard disk space, and an Internet connection to activate, sign in to your Google account, download apps ...
If you want to play Android games on a Windows PC, you can download the Remix OS Player emulator package (http://www.jide.com/remixos-player) to download and experience mobile games written for the platform. by Google.
Adding a small note, if you use Windows-based touchscreens (such as Surface Pro 4), you might need to use a mouse and keyboard as the Remix OS does not support touch screens. Apply some new equipment. You can visit http://www.jide.com/remixos/devices for a list of all devices supported by Jide Developer.
This app has versions for Mac and Windows, you can download it at www.bluestacks.com. The difference of BlueStacks with Remix OS is that this tool has the function of emulating the Android environment on Windows to run the application.
Bluestacks interface.
In addition, BlueStacks also fully supports the functions of an Android tablet such as rotating the screen, shaking, taking pictures, turn off GPS, add applications with APK files, copy data from the real computer to the machine. Android virtualization and other operations such as copy / paste, sound adjustment ...
You can install applications from the built-in repository with an intuitive interface and through the shared APK setup package on the network. The application is optimized for all platforms and has a low error rate when used.
Functional game scene transfer on Bluestacks.
Features such as shooting, screen capture, shake, etc. are incorporated into this emulator as buttons. Therefore, in the first use you will be a little surprised. Bluestacks Android app store is quite scientifically organized just like the Apple App Store, with a full set of apps, apps, featured apps, downloads, and more. power and genre.
Another interesting feature of Bluestacks is the Bluestacks TV function that lets you stream your game scenes for others to view and comment through Twitch technology. Therefore, if you are the "devotee" of the Clash of Clan, Asphalt ... can exploit this application to make gaming more interesting.
The Amiduos utility lets you use Android Lollipop on your PC with full features, including the Play Store. In addition, Amiduos is also equipped with the Amazon Appstore application to enrich the choice of users.
If you want to install applications that are not available on the Play Store or Amazon Appstore, you can download APK packages and install them through the built-in side-load functionality.
Amiduos interface is no different than the original Android.
The advantage of Amiduos is that it is a non-dual-boot application combined with American Megatrends technology, so users can exploit Android as a complete operating system without having to reboot the computer. The algorithm that Amiduos uses to keep applications and games running smoothly is to use the Windows OpenGL driver. These drivers have the ability to support powerful graphics algorithms and keep the application frame running at a high level. Amiduos can work with x86 architecture (32-bit) but when needed it can also automatically switch to ARM architecture.
You can download Amiduos at http://www.amiduos.com/, the installation and use is quite simple. The free trial version has a duration of 30 days, if you want long-term use to pay the $ 9.99 fee.
Like Bluestacks, Andy also has an Android operating system emulator on the PC (supports both Windows and Mac PCs). This utility supports most features like Android on the phone, the difference is that users have to manipulate the mouse and keyboard instead of touch. If you install Andy on a Windows-based tablet, you can also use multitouch, but many devices are not recognized by Andy due to lack of drivers.
Install Android on a Windows PC with Andy.
Andy also supports high-quality Android gaming on large PC monitors and allows synchronization of data between devices. You can download this application at http://www.andyroid.net.
The future of Android
If you prefer to use Chrome OS on Google Chromebooks, installing and using Android on your PC is really fun. As mentioned above, although Google has not come up with a solution to run Android on a PC, but with the global "vet" community and support forums, running Android On the PC is gradually gaining in popularity. The most obvious proof is that the Remix OS is receiving enthusiastic support from users thanks to the ability to bring Windows and Android closer together.