Difference between Joomla and WordPress 2018

So Joomla and WordPress are the top two open source in the field of web design today. If you want to create a website sales, personal, ... or website programming, you can not ignore these two source code and you need to know the difference between Joomla and WordPress to apply them in other cases. together.

If you are a frequent visitor to the Internet, you have probably visited a lot of slogan sites at the bottom of the page called the Joomla! Site developed by WordPress. What is Joomla and WordPress? What is the difference between Joomla and Wordpress, the two leading Website development platforms today? Let's also look in the article below.
Joomla and WordPress
Many of the web sites we have today have used two web page design applications, especially for amateurs and do not like to learn the terms of web applications.
Between Joomla and WordPress, which application should I choose and what should I use it for? The choice of which application to use depends on your different needs.
One of the first considerations when comparing Joomla and WordPress is user-friendliness. WordPress is considered more friendly than Joomla in terms of novice and prospects of a developer. Using and navigating on WordPress is easier than with Joomla. This may be because Joomla has many advanced features and it seems that Joomla is less user-friendly, especially for first-time users.
Difference between Joomla and WordPress 2018
When it comes to flexibility, WordPress is a better choice, this is mainly due to the easy-to-use WordPress interface, which allows for content management, especially for publishing content on a web page.
Joomla is tailored to what's specific and has individual features that will give users different values.
Easier to target more diverse market segments using Joomla than WordPress. If you need a fast blogspot then use WordPress. With advanced web pages or blogs it is recommended to use Joomla since the application is built for such purposes.
SEO is the thing that you are interested in, the use of WordPress will bring this value to you. WordPress is widely known because the beneficial aspect of WordPress blogs is growing rapidly on the search engines.
By default, WordPress is integrated with existing SEO packages that allow sites to rank high in a short period of time, depending on the frequency of content updates. Joomla will require some modifications that may require some advanced programming knowledge to reap the same benefits of SEO as in WordPress.
When it comes to integration, Joomla clearly has the advantage of being more integrated. Joomla integration is relatively easy when third-party applications or software needs to be linked. The API provided by Joomla is a great tool for developers and they use this tool to expand the flexibility of their web pages. On the plus side, WordPress is weaker, in part because their focus is on an easy-to-use console.
Difference between Joomla and WordPress 2018
Developing add-ons is also an advantage of Joomla vs. WordPress. It is important to note that the development of add-ons can be on both WordPress and Joomla, but there is a more robust development environment used to make the second alternative. The development environment of the Joomla API is quite powerful, but WordPress does not fit into the Joomla API.
When it comes to management, WordPress has a clear advantage over Joomla. Using the control panel in WordPress is quite easy, even beginners are also able to capture quite fast. In contrast, the environment provided by Joomla will only appeal to developers rather than novice users.
The differences between Joomla and Wordpress are summarized as follows:
- WordPress is user friendly and Joomla is the opposite.
- Use WordPress more flexible than Joomla.
- SEO capabilities of WordPress is stronger than with Joomla
- Joomla offers better integration than WordPress
- The development of add-ons on Joomla is easier than the WordPress API
- Managing everything on WordPress is simpler on Joomla.
In general, with articles differing between Joomla and Wordpress, we see that the WordPress source code brings a lot of advantages over Joomla, so the number of WordPress users around the world is also slightly higher. Both are free and must run on a pre-set server. However, WordPress has another blogging platform that allows you to create free, personal blogs that we've covered in previous WordPress blogging articles.