Connect social platform IBM Collab Tool Unifies on One

IBM has just announced an update to the cooperative society of the company at the end of the past week, could run on-premises, cloud, or as a hybrid system

Upgrade from version 4.5 to version 5 of the IBM application Connections to focus on the company's goal is to unify email, chatting, meeting, Office productivity, content, and other collaborative tools into a single platform. Read: situation report social business with IBM Social Media Analytics.

IBM Connections is the Swiss army knife of social collaboration tools for business include the components reflect many of the features found in social media. Features such as minor blogging, community, content library, global search engine (in IBM Connections), task management, media library, social bookmarking and wikis are included in social software platform business. As with any decent social tool, the new platform for making sharing on the web, mobile devices and desktop computers. 

The latest version is a step forward in the company's unified plan of enterprise collaboration tools connect to IBM, including more than 100 software solutions (SaaS). With open architecture, additional applications can be developed by third parties and available for the connected platform. 

Through the use of IBM platform blog Connections, file-sharing, community wiki, and other collaboration tools, a company said reducing email by up to 20 percent after the company employees for what was viewed as effective communications tools more than.

"The great ideas can come from all corners of the Organization expanded, so we need a safe way to open up your organization and make our workforce to interact with each other and the main stakeholders within and outside of us easier. Agile platform, and can be customized with the possibility of collaboration, content management and analysis fully integrated. This allows us to bring his staff back to the center of our business focus to aid and empower them to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers, "Tom DeClerck , CIO, Superior corporations.

"Social" is a common term used by many software vendors to tempt businesses to invest hard earned capital in applications intended to make employees more productive by providing the tools to imitate , in a certain extent, the social networking and interactive communication tools with the House. However, the term can describe better the purpose of this tool is the "communication", which is something that businesses can embarrassing from the "social" learn and want to improve.

To improve business communication, IBM is the mail merge, the cloud and on-premises mail, chat, collaboration, meetings, analysis, Office productivity and the ability of content, as well as open architecture and API and provides the connection with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office. In addition, there may be benefits of financial and financial management when there is a single platform to merge the features of the different tools from different vendors. 

IBM connection is available as a file download from IBM's market. Last year, IBM plan to create high definition video streams available as part of the IBM platform Connections.