Changing IP Address and Proxy with Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf is the program that helps you block the web, and especially Facebook blocked by the network. So you know to use Ultrasurf to change IP address and proxy yet? If you are interested in this issue, please refer to the article below.

Along with Hotspot Shield, Ultrasurf emerged in Vietnam with the ability to effectively "Facebook" barrier. However, most users do not understand the features of this software, because the main purpose of Ultrasurf as well as Hotspot Shield is to change the IP address and proxy for the computer.
With this change you can hide your IP address and access blocked websites in Vietnam as well as around the world. The strength of Ultrasurf is that it's not installed and can still be used as usual, so many people opt for Facebook blocked with Ultrasurf.
Step 1: Download the latest version of Ultrasurf
Step 2: In this step you extract and open the .exe file inside
Doi ip bang ultrasurf
Step 3: After startup, Ultrasurf has automatically run in the background. You will see the software interface as below. Please note the Listen section information (my case is
Doi proxy bang ultrasurf
Step 4: This is the most important step. You must select a proxy from your browser. Ultrasurf launches with only Internet Explorer, meaning that Ultrasurf only changes the IP address and proxy for IE. So if you're using Firefox or Chrome, you have to do this manually.
With Chrome browser: Follow the steps below.
Go to Settings, then drag your cursor down to see the "Show advance Settings" option.
Click on the Change Proxy Settings option under NETWORK
Click on LAN settings and add the following information.
On facebook bang ultrasurf
With the Firefox browser: Go to Tools> Options> Advanced> Network> Settings, then change the settings as follows.
On web site ultrasuft
Here are the results before and after using Ultrasurf.
 Doi ip va proxy with ultrasurf, ultrasurf help ip and proxy
Use ultrasurf de doi ip and proxy, ultrasurf help ip and proxy
So newsoftwarelab has instructed you how to use Ultrasurf to change IP address and proxy. When changing IP addresses and proxies, your computer can bypass the firewall from your network provider and access the sites you like.