Bulk Crap Uninstaller

Crap Bulk Uninstaller is a program uninstaller apps for free. It is remarkable when removing a large number of applications.

Uninstall the application that you no longer need any more, uninstall unneeded applications on your computer, choose between the regular information removed or investigate the silent (unattended)-all these features are available in Bulk Uninstaller to remove Crap the effective removal of the applications from your computer.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller also has a portable application so you don't need to install. When start the Bulk of Crap Uninstaller displays a list of the programs that are installed from the start. Each program is listed with name, Publisher, and many other information can include its size on the computer, installation date, whether it is a 64-bit program or a program path.
A sidebar on the left is displayed by default that you use to filter the list of programs. There you can hide all the programs that are published by Microsoft, show the protected item or system components, or enter a search term to filter accordingly.
One of the advantages of the program compared to software removal tool of Windows is it bad support of mass removal. Select more programs and then as one of the options to uninstall is supported to eliminate all in an operation from the system.
+ Detect and uninstall the Windows app Store
+ Remove multiple items at the same time to accelerate the process of 
+ Uninstall any number of applications in just one time
+ The minimum entry requirements of the user when uninstalling
+ Can find and remove the excess portion also abandoned after uninstall
+ Can uninstall some applications even when they don't have the private
+ Detect the damaged or missing application uninstaller program
+ Added the option to remove the "silent" install crossbow for some process of uninstall, even when they are not supported by default
+ Fully portable, the installer is saved in a single file