AOMEI PE Builder 2.0

AOMEI PE Builder is a tool to create powerful Windows PE. It will help you create a boot environment on CD / DVD, USB flash drive or ISO file based on Windows PE (Windows Pre-installation Environment or download the Windows PE environment from the network) without installing AIK / WAIK.

AOMEI PE Builder integrates a set of tools that allows you to boot your computer for maintenance and rapid recovery actions when the root system is corrupt or unusable. 
Unlike traditional WinPE environment, it gives you a graphical interface user friendly and familiar Windows environment, including Desktop, Windows Explorer, Start Menu, Taskbar, etc.
AOMEI PE Builder is a free assistant for AOMEI Backupper or AOMEI Partition Assistant. And boot media generated BIOS and is compatible with both UEFI, so you do not have to create two vehicles for two separate startup mode. 
Function of Windows PE system created by PE Builder is similar to the Windows system. Besides, the PE system are more common tools (tool to backup and restore, partitioning tools, etc ...) and also allows users to gain more tools or drivers according to their wish .
When users create Windows PE, it supports more mobile tool for Windows PE to specialize in their systems according to their wish. After booting the computer from the Windows PE is created, users can perform multiple complex operations or even impossible in Windows. For example, when the system can not boot, users can restore or recover it by going to Windows PE. Overall, it is a tool to create Windows PE practical and easy to use, will certainly surprise you. 
Features and benefits of AOMEI PE Builder: 
Interface familiar Windows 
When creating WinPE boot disk, AOMEI Integrated Desktop, Windows Explorer, Start Menu, Taskbar into WinPE environment. This makes it easy to manage the files and documents, like using the Windows operating system.
Not installing AIK / WAIK 
To create a Windows PE media, usually you have installed the Windows AIK or WAIK, or prepare a Windows installation disk. Fortunately, AOMEI PE Builder lets you create a Windows PE boot disk without installing AIK / WAIK. It will save you time and your precious energy! 
Pack Portable and Drivers 
Except many integrated tools in AOMEI PE Builder, you can specify Windows PE through its two following functions: 
Allows you to Add Drivers Hardware 
Allows you to add mobile tools (portable) your own 
support network systems 
In most cases, WinPE created by PE Builder AOMEI can be connected to the network; Online, you can:
# Off-line Antivirus: When the computer is locked and can not remove viruses / Trojans due to virus attack, direct download antivirus software online edition of Windows PE system. 
# Maintaining systems: System administrators can easily maintain computer systems with different hardware. For example, you can easily backup to the NAS system or shared network folder. 
Support environment download 
Without Windows PE environment on your computer or you want to create Windows PE based on Win10, PE Builder can download it and automatically create Windows PE. And you can also download the Windows PE environment that is shared on the cloud services manually. 
Support Double-Boot-Mode
Means that you can start creating your BIOS is compatible with both Legacy and UEFI, so you do not have to create two vehicles for two separate startup mode. Tip: Create Windows PE on the system and create on Win7 64-bit version. 
Supported OS: 
Windows XP – Windows 10 and Windows Server 2003-2016.
What’s New in AOMEI PE Builder 2.0 (2017-09-30)
Support to download Windows 10 recovery environment to create a Windows PE bootable media.
Support to cancel the operation during the process of creating a Windows PE bootable media.
Added dual-boot function: a Windows PE bootable media supports both EFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes.
Now AOMEI PE Builder fully support Windows 10/Vista/XP.
Update built-in tools.
Fixed some known issues.