8 hidden features on Facebook only "professional" users know

Facebook is one of the social networking is "do the wind" today. Actually, there are many things that you can do on Facebook.com. And you may not know all about Facebook features. We are talking about all the most basic functions and easy access with just a few mouse clicks. In the article below Free Download will aggregate and show you 19 hidden features on Facebook only "professional" users know.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks today. Although young people love social networking sites like Snapchat or Instagram, social networking sites are still a virtual "virtual" inseparable.
Although Facebook has developed versions that include mobile versions and other related applications, Facebook's old familiar site remains a favorite place for many users. Facebook.com is one of the most advanced public-facing web services today.
1. Message Waiting
Message waiting
If you have been using Facebook for a while, you have a lot of unread messages and you do not even know you have those messages. These messages are located in the Message Requests previously known as Other.
With the Message Requests filter, only messages from your friends and acquaintances are displayed in your inbox. Messages from strangers, not your friends, will be included in the Message Requests section.
To view these messages, click the Message icon in the top corner of Facebook's main interface (Messenger icon in the middle). By default you will see the Recent tab on your inbox. Find and click on the Message Requests tab located next to the Recent tab. You will now see the See filtered requests link. Click on that link and you will be able to see all the messages of strangers.
In 2012, Facebook experimented with allowing members to pay to access strangers' messages. At first the fee was $ 1 and then increased to $ 100, but the implementation of this option seemed to be limited.
2. Who Is Your Unlicensed Facebook Account Login?
If you are in doubt and you want to know if someone has logged in to your Facebook account illegally? First go to the Settings page, then find and click the Security and Login entry, and you'll see a link called Where You're Logged In, where you're logged in. .
Here you will find all of your Facebook login activity on your computer or mobile phone.
Often, Facebook will provide you with location, browser and device data. If there is something suspicious, you can end up running on 1 or all devices.
This is also beneficial in the case if you login your Facebook account on a friend's computer or a public computer, but forgot to sign out.
3. There are many secret Emoji
Facebook will display all the emoticons, funny, sad, humorous, ... so that users have more exciting new experience. But Facebook has created and added a lot of emoticons, so there may be many icons that you do not know and have not used yet.
(Y) = icon like
(^^^) = symbol of a white shark
: |] = Robot icon
Poop: = heap symbol (symbolic symbol)
</ P> <p>
You can use these emoticons to update your status with a variety of happy moods, sadness, humor, to comment, or to chat with Facebook.
4. Send Files Via Facebook Messenger
Open a Facebook Messenger chat window, and you will see a small paper clip icon at the bottom of the window. Click on that icon to allow you to download and send a file directly from your computer. The recipient just click on the link and download it. And of course, never download anything from strangers to you, which can be a virus.
5. Use of Pirates?
Remember the 10 years ago, when pirates were popular. And at a time, Facebook engineers have been bent on this fanaticism and have programmed an "Easter Egg" that allows users to "translate" the Facebook language into a pirate language. Or Upside Down.
To get started, go to Settings, then Language, and set the language to Pirates or Upside Down. Interesting is not it!
6. Write a Note (Facebook Note)
Sometimes you want to share something more valuable than a few status lines or images. If you do not have your own blog, you can take advantage of Facebook's Note. Just like blogging, Facebook's Note function provides you with the tools to write a long log page such as text, images, ... (no knowledge of HTML code is required).
Just visit facebook.com/notes, and you will find notes (notes) from people you follow. If you want to create your own note, just click the "+ Write a Note" link in the top right corner.
Compose your note and if you can not finish the note right away, you can save and publish later.
7. View your Facebook Profile
If you would like to see a detailed introduction of yourself and your family members, go to www.facebook.com/us, and you will see your introduction, relationship status and family members. nail.
8. Save and View Links
Have you ever fallen into the case of wanting to read a link that your friends share on Facebook but do not have time? You promise that when you have time you will re-read that link but then forget about it, and the link is "buried" under the news feed on the new feed. And that's why we should be familiar with the Save for Later function.
If you want to save anything for later reading, you click the small arrow icon located in the top right corner of any post. Then click Save link (save link) from the menu. This will send the link to the Saved folder.
You will wonder where Saved folder is located? In fact, you will not see this folder unless you save something, and you will see the "saved" ribbon in your favorites on the left hand side. Click on it and all the content you saved will be displayed there, including videos, links, ....
Facebook has announced the expansion of the "Save for Later" feature on the site, so you can save things to Facebook even when you do not visit Facebook.com. The first two Facebook partners were Overstock and Product Hunt, but any site could add this functionality.